Amex seal installed to repair a storm water drain underground.

1050 Diameter Stormwater Pipe Rehabilitation

This particular client had cracking in a large 1050mm diameter reinforced concrete stormwater drain. The drain ran down the centre of a 4 lane 2 way major road and repair via excavation would be extremely disruptive and expensive.

The diameter of this drain required the installation of an Amex Seal. An Amex Seal consists of an elastic rubber seal and 2-3 high – strength stainless steel tension bands that are manually installed inside the pipe.

Amex Seals definitely provide the Fastest and most cost-effective solution for rehabilitating large pipe joints and leaks.

The benefits

  • No excavation or road closure was required
  • Rehabilitation works were completed in one day
  • Guaranteed lifetime of minimum 50 years
  • Installation is chemical / resin free
1050mm Amex seal installation by Katam Drainage staff.
Amex seal installed for the 1050mm stormwater pipe rehabilitation.