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Katam Drainage has been trusted since 1999 to complete large and small civil construction projects.

All our work is completed using stringent OH & S safety processes and completed with minimal impact on you and the environment. Regardless of whether you are a waterboard, council, private company or homeowner, you can rely on the team at Katam Drainage to complete your project efficiently and to the highest standard.

Our staff are highly trained and experienced to complete your project. We use the latest state of the art technology and equipment to complete projects that most can’t.

About Us

Managing Director Tristam Clark performing drainage work.

Katam Drainage is a family owned and managed sewer and drainage company, which was founded in 1999. Over the past 20 years, we have grown to employ 14 full time staff.

Managing Director Tristam Clark has over 25 years’ experience in the industry and has a clear focus on developing strong relationships with customers.

Katam Drainage has gained a reputation in the industry for being capable, professional and reliable.

Katam Drainage has a certified Integrated Management System in place to meet the requirements of the CCF Code No 10. Katam’s aim is for continual improvement and to exceed those minimum stated requirements set for Quality Assurance, OH&S and Environmental management.

The certified Integrated Management System is implemented at all of Katam’s Worksites and provides for a consistent approach at all working functions of our business and is inclusive of any of our client requirements.

We see the benefits of certification being:

  • Having a culture of continuous improvement and a visible reminder to our customers and stakeholders that our company has an internal management system that can be trusted.
  • Helps to create efficiencies and cost savings for all.
  • Gives us the ability to keep tracking and monitoring issues, so we can discover areas of improvement.
  • Gives us the opportunity to review and provide ideas for the business as a whole.
  • A certified Management System helps provide us with better control of our business operations.
  • A third party performs our audits, which provides our customers peace of mind.
  • Staff can follow the systems and procedures in place, providing a consistent approach.
  • Staff competence, training and development are planned, performed, reviewed and maintained, which helps us to keep our business at the forefront of our industry.
Property Services Connections

Our team is highly skilled and prides itself on its strong work ethic. In addition to all plumbing licenses, our field staff are fully trained in OH & S, Confined Space Entry, Working at Heights, First Aid and Traffic Management (just to name a few). We ensure the right staff are allocated to your job and projects run to schedule and to budget. Lead by the Managing Director, the team consists of experienced Crew Leaders, Construction Crew Members, Apprentices, Administration Staff, Contractors and Consultants.

The company is providing pathways for young personnel to enter the industry, we are committed to continuing and promoting young people through apprenticeship schemes that allows us to train them in the best way, as well as have them provide us with fresh Ideas, character and enthusiasm.

Our Services

We like to liaise closely with our customers and keep you updated at all times. The use of advanced technology and equipment ensures all of our projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Sewer reticulation in the ground.

Sewer Reticulation

Katam Drainage staff jetting to clean a public drain in Melbourne.

Sewer/Stormwater Pipe Jet Cleaning

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We are Victorian Building Authority (VBA) licensed & Waterboard Accredited