QuickLock Trenchless Repairs

Katam Drainage use QuickLock, German engineered no-dig, trenchless repair system for rehabilitating existing sewer and stormwater pipelines. The seal consists of a heavy grade (V4A, 1.4404, SS 316L) expandable stainless steel band and EPDM rubber gasket. Each sleeve has ratchet mechanisms that allows it to be rolled tight to fit inside the pipe and then expanded pneumatically to facilitate a permanent pressure contact of the seal onto the host pipe. The ratchet mechanism ensures the sleeve is locked permanently into place. Quicklock installs quickly and is a flexible, structurally sound repair system with minimal prep, minimal labour and minimal risk. The use of Quicklock, means that costly excavation is a thing of the past.

Katam Drainage supplies and installs the QuickLock system for a broad range of clients. Each installation is performed by our expertly trained staff, who use leading edge technology to complete projects quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

We’ve helped numerous local councils, waterboards and organisations throughout Victoria with resolving drainage issues quickly. Time and time again we use the latest technology to provide competitively priced solutions that don’t compromise on quality. We understand that when drainage issues occur, they need to be resolved quickly with as little impact as possible to any nearby buildings, residents, businesses and traffic. The QuickLock system provides a fantastic solution on all of these fronts, with its no dig benefits that can be installed by a remotely controlled crawler, reducing labour costs.

Regular requests from waterboards, organisations, civil contractors and Melbourne councils, complemented by 20 years of experience, prove our ability to get the job done well and quickly. Our Managing Director, Tristam Clark, uses his 25 plus years of experience in the industry to deliver reliable results throughout our entire team. For effective assistance with civil drainage needs, contact us now at Katam Drainage.