Man holding tree root from cleared sewer pipe obstruction.

Sewer pipe obstruction cleared

No, Mitch didn’t luck out on last weekend’s fishing trip.

This is the tree root blockage he pulled out of a 100mm sewer drain!! It took some serious work to unblock this sewer drain, but he got the job done.

Tree root obstructions can wreak havoc on old sewer pipelines. Over the years this sort of obstruction will eventually, completely block the sewer drain and depending on the material crack and dislodge it, causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage and contaminate the surrounding ground with raw sewage!

At Katam we can CCTV inspect and report on the current condition of many types of pipes. Pipe rehabilitation without the need for expensive excavation and the disruptions that come with it is the future.

We use Quicklock stainless steel seals to solve these types of issues quickly and permanently without the need to dig.

Nice work Mitch!!!

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Man holding tree root from cleared sewer pipe obstruction.