Repairing a 150mm VC Sewer Pipe in Footscray with a patch.

Repair of 150mm VC Sewer Pipe

Katam Drainage was engaged by City West Water to install a 150 mm fibreglass patch to repair a vitrified clay sewer drain located in a busy intersection in Footscray, Victoria.

Project Description

Excavation would have been inconvenient, dangerous and expensive. Katam Drainage was able to install a fibreglass patch in one day, without the need to excavate.

It’s a trenchless (no-dig) sectional repair method where a short fibreglass liner is inserted into the pipe and permanently bonded to the host pipe wall to create a seal. Fibreglass patching is suitable for use in most pipe materials.

Project Details

Project – Repair of 150mm VC Sewer Pipe

Client – City West Water

Date – July 2019

Duration – 1 Day

CCTV footage of repairing the 150mm sewer pipe in Footscray.