150mm sewer branch along with a new maintenance manhole.

New 150mm Sewer Branch along with a New Maintenance Manhole

Katam Drainage was engaged by consultant/water board authority to install a new 150mm sewer branch along with a new maintenance hole.

Project Description

Many critical services were located over our excavation site and progress was relatively slow with much of the work being done manually.

Permits from council and other asset owners needed to be obtained and local residents were kept informed.

Katam Drainage have the expertise to co-ordinate all aspects of these types of civil construction, from large scale excavation to small and intricate sites.

Project Details

• Open cut then excavate and install a new 150mm diameter sewer branch.
• Construct new 1050mm diameter Maintenance Hole using ring and timber construction method and finish the interior surface of the manhole with Epoxy coating.

Client – SEW

Date – April 2021

Duration – 5 Days

Top of a new maintenance manhole for a sewer in Melbourne.
New sewer drainage with a pipe.
Drainage specialist digging out a trench for pipes.