Emergency rehabilitation and confined space work of a drain.

Emergency rehabilitation of 375mm diameter high flow sewer main, with 7m deep manholes. The answer? Quicklock.

Any excavation to complete live sewer repairs is extremely time-consuming and costly. However the difficulties are multiplied if the repairs are in a high flow sewer main. The Quicklock trenchless repair system provides a durable, fast to install and cost-effective solution when compared to excavation works.

Project Description

This project presented a number of challenges in the depth of the sewer main and the high flow volume of the main.

Full Breathing Apparatus (BA)and gas detection equipment was required in order to facilitate safe confined space entry into the 7m deep manholes.

An eduction truck was on standby to assist with managing flow volume during the installation, should it be required. The installation of a Quicklock to complete the repairs in this sewer main, was completed in one night, with much less cost and inconvenience for the asset owner and the surrounding neighbours.

Project Details

Project – Epping emergency sewer repairs

Installation Time – 4 hours

Area of application – Main Sewer

Number of seals – 1

Nominal DN (mm) – 375

Challenge – This sewer main was at 7m depth and required full BA confined space entry.